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A gizmo to load up your engine - generator

Posted: 09 Sep 2016, 13:46
by derb
Hi Fellas. If you are interested in a home-made generator to load up your stationery engines, check this out #1157592717 on Trade-Me. I have built up one using plans off the net and they work just beaut. these motors are free at the dump or scrap-metal dealers and are dead easy to wire up. The voltage out put is totally dependent on revs so can be geared by pulley to poke out 12/24/48 volts easily with a dozy old engine of 300 rpm or so. Being a PMG of 3 phase which you rectify via a simple bridge rectifier, you don't need a regulator to set your voltage. The governor on the engine will open up when the load goes up but the voltage and revs stay the same. Run it through an inverter and you have 230 single phase although running it through a solar controller and into a battery will smooth out the bumps. If I can work it out anyone can. :D Cheers.