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Post by zelio » 06 Dec 2018, 08:58

Hi, I'm John from Auckland.

I've recently acquired an early 1920's Associated Chore Boy which had not run for many years. I now have it starting easily and running nicely BUT, only by using a battery and coil for ignition.
I'm looking for some assistance to get the engine to run on its low tension magneto.

The low magneto (which is correctly timed) is producing an output but it is very low - about 2V at 200 rpm and 4V at 400 rpm. The magnet is very weak - won't hols a 4mm flat washer!

I notice that back in 2013, a member (pjjms) had built a rig for re-magnetizing magneto magnets. I was wondering if anyone could assist me in locating this rig or putting me in touch with someone who can re-magnetize magnets.


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